How Are Sushi And Sashimi Different From Each Other?

Sushi And Sashimi Are Two Very Different Types Of Asian Cuisine, As Anyone Who Has Eaten At An Asian Restaurant Can Attest. Preparation Is Just As Important As The Components Themselves. Sashimi Is Served Raw And Is Eaten With Soy Sauce, While Sushi Is Eaten With Rice. You Should Be Aware Of The Differences Between … Read more

Sushi Eating Etiquette: How To Use Chopsticks?

You’ve Come To The Right Place If You’ve Ever Wondered How To Eat Sushi. To Eat The Traditional Japanese Dish, You First Dip The Fish. Use Your Chopsticks To Eat It Once You’ve Dipped It. How To Use Chopsticks? When You Go To Sushi Restaurants, You’ll Need To Know How To Use Chopsticks Correctly. If … Read more