Buckingham Palace will describe Camilla as ‘Queen’ instead of ‘Queen Consort’ after King Charles’s coronation in May.

This change marks a significant transformation in Camilla's public image and the nation’s affections towards her.

Camilla's relationship with Charles while he was married to Diana initially made it unlikely that she would be called Queen.

The late Queen's February 2022 support for Camilla as "Queen Consort" was essential.

The Court Circular, the royal engagements register, may shortly reflect Camilla's title change.

Some news outlets have already dropped ‘Consort’ when referring to Camilla.

Non-reigning queens have always been called Queen without the "Consort" title.

The Queen's strong support in 2022 made it clearer what Camilla's title would be when Charles was King.

Camilla is a step closer to being known simply as ‘The Queen’ and will be crowned alongside King Charles in May.