Alessandra Ambrosio, Former Victoria’s Secret Supermodel, Took To The Streets In Brazil To Dance At Carnival Over The Weekend.

She wore a black-and-white striped Dolce & Gabbana swimsuit, sheer D&G logo leggings, and layered boho bracelets.

Alessandra owed her stunning physique to Brazil's Carnival culture, where women wear tiny bikinis, G-Strings, and feathers.

She thinks every Brazilian woman's body is beautiful because they love life and embrace their curves.

Alessandra's Relaxed Boho Style Is Also Influenced By Brazil's Warm Weather, And She Feels Most Comfortable There.

She prefers her kids spend summer vacation with her Brazilian grandparents, who speak English and Portuguese with American accents.

Alessandra Loves The Humid And Warm Weather In Brazil And Wishes They Had More Time In The Sun.

In the Carnival photo, she smiled seductively, closed her eyes, popped her hip, and mimed a heart over her head.

Alessandra's Fashion Choices And Love For Brazil's Vibrant Culture Continue To Inspire And Delight Her Fans.