Camilla Parker-Bowles may officially become Queen after her and King Charles III’s coronation this spring.

The announcement has caused controversy online with #NotMyQueen trending on Twitter.

Camilla was named Queen consort after Queen Elizabeth II died and her husband inherited the throne.

The Queen stated her 'sincere hope' that the Duchess of Cornwall become Queen consort when Charles becomes King.

Royal sources suggest that Camilla may drop 'consort' in order to simplify her title.

The constitutional experts agree that by common law and tradition she is entitled to be Queen.

Upon her marriage to Charles, Camilla was given the title of Duchess of Cornwall.

The wives of Kings become Queen consorts, but the husbands of Queens do not receive the title of King.

The potential title change has reignited backlash towards Camilla, who has endured years of abuse and attempts at redemption.