Queen Consort Camilla has chosen fashion designer Bruce Oldfield for her Coronation gown.

Mr Oldfield was also a favorite designer of Princess Diana and had a ten-year friendship with her.

The designer has refused to confirm his choices, but a source said it was the logical choice since he had made several crucial outfits for Camilla.

Oldfield received an OBE in 1990 for dressing the Queen Consort for several ceremonies during the last decade.

Oldfield's pale turquoise lace gown for Camilla's 2013 Sri Lanka tour was acclaimed.

Oldfield has said that he gave Diana her glamor and Camilla her confidence.

In a poignant tribute, Camilla will wear Queen Mary's crown at the Coronation in May, embellished with some of the late Queen's diamonds.

She will remove the controversial Koh-i-Noor diamond, which many other countries including India claim ownership of.

It is thought Charles will wear a military uniform instead of britches and silk stockings, abandoning centuries of tradition.