Queen Consort Camilla has a secret trick to keep her husband King Charles on track during public engagements.

Camilla tugs on Charles' jacket discreetly to let him know when to stop talking if she thinks he's talking too much.

The tactics were revealed by their friend and telly star Gyles Brandreth in his recent book Elizabeth.

Camilla, like his mother the Queen's spouse Prince Philip, is Charles' support.

Camilla is fundamental to the architecture of Charles' life, his good companion, and best friend.

Camilla is the only person in the entire world with whom Charles can be completely free and open.

Charles adores Camilla, mentioning "my darling wife" in almost every sentence during small-talk.

Camilla and Charles started their affair in 1986 and got married in April 2005, about 35 years after they first met.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip attended the Windsor Castle celebration, where the Queen wore a white dress similar to Camilla's at Charles' wedding to Diana several years earlier.