King Charles Is Showing Forgiveness By Inviting Prince Harry And Meghan To The Coronation.

He Wants To Present Himself As A Figure Of Healing And Not Dwell On Past Grievances.

Meghan May Use The Excuse Of Looking After Archie And Lilibet To Turn Down The Invite.

Buckingham Palace Is Taking The Higher Moral Ground In The Feud With The Sussexs.

The Duke And Duchess Will Not Play A Significant Role In The Event.

They Will Not Have Any Control Over The Way The Coronation Plays Out.

The Expert Believes They Will Be Minor Figures At The Event Due To Their Non-Senior Royal Status.

Prince Harry Has Not Confirmed His Attendance Yet And Is In A "Predicament".

They Could Be Accused Of "Snubbing" The Family If They Don't Attend, But Also Labeled Hypocrites If They Do After Criticizing The Firm.