Express UK interviewed stylist Miranda Holder on Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's clothes.

Holder suggested that Kate and Meghan's fashion sense is mainly influenced by their respective countries.

Holder says Kate's style is conventional, British, classic, and regal, whereas Meghan's is relaxed, expressive, and natural.

Kate takes her dressing seriously since she knows how to be a royal and feels the pressure of her important position.

Meghan is unafraid to express herself and be who she is, which is what America is all about, according to the stylist.

Kate is very much about following the rules, being cautious, and a little bit more formal, according to Holder.

The reason for this contrast is mainly because Kate is in a tricky position with the royal etiquette.

Holder thinks Meghan has even influenced Prince Harry, and his style has become a lot more casual.

Meghan looks best in casual, while Kate looks best in formal attire.