King Charles III's coronation procession will include Princess Charlotte & Prince Louis.

The children will accompany the King and Queen Consort Camilla in a carriage back to Buckingham Palace.

Their exact roles in the coronation are still being considered by their parents, Prince William and Princess Kate.

Typically, young heirs do not participate in the coronation ceremony, but this would be a break from tradition.

Camilla's grandchildren will hold a canopy over the Queen Consort during the anointing ceremony.

King Charles has a specific connection to the Mount of Olives-made holy oil used for anointing.

The oil is based on the same coronation oil used at King Charles' mother's coronation.

King Charles' paternal grandmother is buried in Mary Magdalene Monastery, where some olives were picked.

Prince Louis was not present at the Queen's state funeral due to his young age.