Kate Middleton opened up about her personal morning routine and workout routine.

On Thursday, when she was in Cornwall, they got together again.

Embury now helps out at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth, where he used to work.

In the 1990s, Middleton was taught by Embury at the St. Andrew's prep school in Pangbourne, Berks.

Middleton was so happy to see her old teacher that she cried "Oh my goodness" and gave him a big hug.

Hugging fans at events is usually against the unwritten rules of being a royal.

Royals are breaking this rule more and more to talk to the public.

Middleton broke the "no selfies" rule again when she took one on a trip to Scotland last year.

Royals aren't supposed to take pictures with regular people, but Middleton didn't mind taking a selfie with a fan.