Princess Diana's astrological birth chart has been analyzed by a celebrity astrologer.

Diana was born on July 1st, 1961, and was a Cancer sun sign, known for being loving, warm, empathic, and family-centered.

Diana's astrological legacy includes her firstborn son, William, who is also a Cancer.

Diana's moon sign is Aquarius, which is a humanitarian sign dedicated to helping those in need and doing charitable work.

Diana supported dozens of charities as a royal. Homelessness, children's cancer, landmines, and AIDS were her charities.

Diana's Mars sign is Virgo, which means she was very even-tempered and hard to anger, just like her son Prince Harry.

Diana's ascendant, or rising sign, was Sagittarius, which is a sign of travel and adventure.

Diana once said she'd like to be the "Queen of people's hearts" not the "Queen of the country."

Diana's astrology explains her feelings. Cancerians are good at making everyone feel like family.