Diana's fashion career began on February 24, 1981, when she and Prince Charles announced their engagement.

Diana's cobalt blue skirt suit for the event was a last-minute choice she made while shopping at Harrods in the evening.

Diana went to another store earlier that night to find an engagement dress, but a salesperson didn't recognise her and turned her away.

In a "Pretty Woman" moment, Diana's assistant got tired of waiting for her and told her to go to Harrods instead.

Diana wore a Cojana off-the-rack suit for her engagement shot. Not a classy attire.

Under her power suit, Diana wore a white blouse with a bow-tie-style neckline. She also wore simple shoes and a clutch.

David Sassoon personally invited Diana back to Bellville when the shop worker didn't recognise her. He became her key fashion partner.

Diana chose a sailor suit from the studio's ready-to-wear collection for her first official photo with Queen Elizabeth II.

Diana's fashion forever changed the world and the Royal Family, and she is still remembered as a style icon.