Kate Middleton wore a red-and-white houndstooth coat to a rugby match over the weekend, recalling Princess Diana's 1990s attire.

Kate's support for the England team and wearing the same coat as in 2018 were less important to the Internet than how similar the outfits were.

Kate and Diana are often compared on dress, parenting, causes, and other things.

Some argue that comparing the two women all the time is lazy, reductive, and creepy.

Kate has worn Diana's sapphire engagement ring and similar clothing.

Paying homage and copying are similar because there are few patterns and shapes and previous trends are constantly returning.

While the royals should remember their forefathers, comparing Kate to Diana is sexist and reduces women to "who wore it best."

We should stop comparing women and instead focus on each woman's unique characteristics and contributions.

Comparing two women from different eras, contexts, and circumstances is neither fair nor accurate.