Queen Camilla has launched the Coronation Champion Awards to recognize exemplary volunteers across the UK.

The Royal Voluntary Service will welcome volunteers to a coronation celebration.

The awards are open to those over the age of 14 and nominations are being accepted until April 2.

The awards have eight categories: aged, young, children, crisis and welfare, community, sports, culture and history, health and care, sustainability and the environment, and animal welfare.

500 nominees will be selected as "Coronation Champions" and receive royal recognition

The programme contains a specific category named "Young Coronation Champions" that recognises the work of teenagers aged 14 to 18.

The Coronation Champions Awards are part of the three-day coronation weekend, which kicks off with the official coronation ceremony of King Charles 

The event aims to boost community spirit, reduce loneliness, and support charities and good causes.

Queen Camilla's latest endeavour comes a week after Buckingham Palace disclosed that she tested positive with COVID-19 but is recovering.