Prince Harry revealed family secrets in Spare, his best-selling book, despite promising to keep them private.

OK reports that Prince Harry is now "terrified" of the royal family leaking his "deepest secrets" out of revenge.

The royal family is reportedly furious and may take action against those involved.

Some people who work at The Firm want to hurt Harry's reputation at any chance, especially now that he has stood up to them.

Harry knows that royal family members may tell the public his deepest secrets, but he can only call them falsehoods.

Spare takes aim at pretty much every member of Harry's family, especially his older brother, Prince William.

According to William, the contents of the book were the "final straw" in the brothers' relationship.

William is devastated by the loss of his only brother and feels betrayed.

It remains to be seen if the Prince of Wales will spill Harry's secrets in retaliation.