Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are still undecided on whether to attend King Charles III's Coronation.

The couple may face a seating hierarchy based on tradition and precedent, as decided by existing protocol.

Seating arrangements will likely be similar to those at the Platinum Jubilee.

Harry may be granted a more central seat because he is the King's son.

The focus of the Coronation will be on the King and Queen Consort, not on keeping Harry and Meghan happy.

A recent poll revealed that 95% of readers do not want Prince Harry to attend the Coronation.

Harry and Meghan have been confirmed to have been invited to the event.

Seating will be carefully planned to avoid rumours about Harry and Prince William being in shots together.

Meghan and Harry previously demanded better seats at the Jubilee celebrations, but their request was declined by the late monarch.