A new poll by Newsweek shows that US adults like Prince Andrew more than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Since December, Prince Harry's popularity has declined 48 points to -10, while Meghan's has dropped 40 points to -17.

Prince Harry's January tell-all memoir Spare drew criticism and lowered his popularity.

In contrast, Prince Andrew's net approval rating was -2, making him more popular than Prince Harry and Meghan.

28% didn't like Prince Andrew, 26% liked him, and 32% didn't like or dislike him.

US adults have more negative feelings about Prince Harry and Meghan than they do about Prince Andrew, with 42% disliking Prince Harry and 44% disliking Meghan.

20% of respondents had no impression of Meghan, 8% were undecided, and 18% were undecided about Prince Harry.

Most Americans didn't care about Prince Andrew, and 13% of them said they didn't know how they felt about him.

According to a survey done by YouGov in January, 86% of the people in the UK don't like Prince Andrew.