The Coronation Big Lunch will highlight King Charles III's crowning celebrations on May 6-8, 2023, during the bank holiday weekend.

With almost 7,000 Coronation Big Lunch events registered on the internet, the Royal family and government are promoting public participation.

Eden Project Communities started the Big Lunch in 2009 to combat social isolation and loneliness by encouraging communities to enjoy an annual meal with their neighbours.

There are no rules about what a "Big Lunch" is. It can be any get-together of neighbours.

The Big Lunch kit includes customizable invites, posters, app signup instructions, and neighbourhood decorating ideas.

The Big Lunch website also includes ideas for games to play during the event and other ways to socialize.

The centerpiece of any Big Lunch is the lunch itself, with celebrity chefs offering recipe ideas to be found online.

The Big Lunch can also be used as an opportunity to raise awareness or funds for a community issue or charity.

If you want to have a street party, you can contact your council to set up a formal road closure. The Coronation Big Lunch website also has more help and advice.