Paul Burrell, Princess Diana's former butler, thinks Kate Middleton's divorce will destroy the royal family.

Burrell says that the future of the monarchy rests on Kate's shoulders, and it's an enormous responsibility.

Kate is in the same role as Princess Diana and married to a Prince of Wales, and the future of the monarchy is down to her.

Burrell says that everything is pinned up by Kate, and the future is underpinned by Catherine Middleton, and that's incredible.

Burrell had previously thought that the future of the monarchy was pinned on Princess Diana, our future queen.

Burrell believes that the royal family is not in an enviable position, as the future of the monarchy is pinned up by one person.

Kate is responsible for the future of the monarchy, and if she decided to leave her marriage, the royal family would collapse.

Burrell's comments highlight the enormous pressure and responsibility that Kate has as a member of the royal family.

The royals are watched closely because their acts could affect the monarchy's future.