"Gilded Youth: An Intimate Account of Growing Up in the Royal Family," a new book by royal biographer Tom Quinn, says that Prince William and Kate Middleton are just like any other couple behind palace doors.

It also examines the British royal family's traditional upbringing and how it has changed.

The book says the couple fights & slams objects at each other but calls each other "babe," "Babykins," and "Duchess of Doolittle."

William obsesses over Middleton's hair, which she jokingly refers to as "baldy." When William is irritated with his wife, he calls her "darling" with annoyance visible in his tone.

Middleton is described as having a "Buddhist calm," and William hates confrontation, often giving in to appease his wife.

Middleton's stoic demeanor has been essential to her success in navigating the traditions of the British royal family.

The couple wishes to be viewed as an everyday marriage with the same stresses of children, job, and life, but also represent historic continuity.

The couple has broken the mold of the traditional royal upbringing, wanting their children to have a more normal childhood.

William previously admitted in a 2007 interview with NBC that his mother, Princess Diana, called him "Wombat," a name that has stuck with him into adulthood.