Jemima Khan Claims Princess Diana And King Charles' Wedding Was "Arranged."

Khan Was Close Friends With Princess Diana Before Her Death.

Khan's New Romcom Was Almost Named 'what's Love Got To Do With It?' 'whatever Love Means' In Reference To Prince Charles' Quote About His Marriage.

Khan Argues That Outsiders Are Too Judgmental About Arranged Marriages And That The Royal Family Once Arranged Marriages.

Charles And Diana's Marriage, According To Khan, Was Essentially Arranged.

Khan Has Not Read Prince Harry's Memoir 'spare' Nor Watched Recent Documentaries About Princess Diana.

Khan Admits That Seeing Her Late Friend Depicted On Screen Would Be Weird For Her.

Khan's New Romcom Focuses On A Man Assigned To Marry A Woman Of His Parents' Choice.

Khan Lobbied Hard For The Original Name Of Her New Romcom.