Fans discovered that Kate Middleton has a habit of saying "woo" in excitement after winning a game.

A TikTok fan account for Kate shared a compilation video of her "lil habit".

The video shows Kate doing the habit after playing games like rugby, tabletop tennis, and soccer.

Fans think Kate's habit is adorable and are excited to see this side of her personality.

Kate, one of the most athletic members of the British Royal Family, seems to do this after a sporting event.

Kate has been spotted participating in activities such as skiing, archery, racing, sailing, soccer, cricket, golf, and tennis.

The video has gone viral on TikTok and shows a more playful side of Kate's personality.

This habit has helped change the perception of "wooing" as it used to be frowned upon.

Kate's habit shows that it's okay to express excitement and celebrate one's victories.