Kate Middleton is leading the way for the Royal family with her popularity.

Middleton has worked quietly as the Princess of Wales while Harry & Meghan Markle have travelled to the States for lucrative media deals.

Royal family blogger Andrew Morton,  He discusses Middleton's change since taking Diana's post.

Middleton is viewed as a safe pair of hands, and the British public takes individuals like that to their heart.

Middleton is liked and respected by most Brits, while King Charles is disliked due to his comments.

Middleton appeared relaxed and confident at the BAFTA gala, and she looked like a silent movie star on the red carpet.

Many people feel like they grew up with the Royal family and relate their life to theirs.

Middleton's fame has made people trust her more, and in public, she is seen as someone who cares about others.

Middleton's affection among the British public is not going anywhere anytime soon.