The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, is urging employers to prioritize well-being in the workplace to support family life.

She has launched her Business Taskforce for Early Childhood to encourage business leaders to support parents and caregivers.

Investing in early childhood is “a down payment for our collective future” according to Kate.

She hopes worldwide corporations that joined her task force will inspire firms across the country to train and support staff's social and emotional well-being.

Our youngest children's social and emotional development and workplace support for employees' well-being should be prioritized.

Parental well-being is the biggest factor in determining a child’s well-being.

Employers have an important role in helping parents balance a successful working life with a nurturing home life for their children.

The taskforce will look at the opportunity to put the early years at the heart of delivering the ‘social’ element.

The members of the taskforce include Unilever, Ikea, NatWest, and Lego.