Royal expert Darren Stanton lauded Kate Middleton's strategy for the early childhood effort.

Kate exudes confidence and appears quite self-assured while executing her royal duties, according to Stanton.

Kate is mindful of the colors she wears and chooses them to match the tone of the event she is attending.

She strategically wears muted colors when she wants to blend in with her peers and be seen as their equal.

Kate is lively and makes people laugh. She pushes limits.

During the meeting with business tycoons, Kate sent a clear message to any royals thinking the "Firm" was on the wane.

Royal writer Daniela Esler called the meeting a "powerhouse" moment for the princess.

Esler stated that Kate is a stealthy powerhouse dynamo of action

The expert suggested that Prince Harry should look at these images of Kate with this clutch of business bigwigs who preside over global empires of shampoo and Allen keys.