A new book claims Meghan Markle was "Dazzled By The Global Recognition That Becoming A Princess Would Bring" but struggled to adjust to royal life.

In a passage from biographer Tom Quinn's book, a Kensington Palace employee says Meghan didn't enjoy the palace's rigorous standards or being compared to Kate Middleton.

Meghan Markle disliked being branded a "second-rate princess" and believed the Royal Family was "somewhat patronising."

The book calls Meghan Markle a "really charming, cheery, super-positive person" who struggled with life control.

Meghan's ambition has no bounds, and she never believes she is wrong or overreacting, according to a staff member.

The book says Meghan Markle struggled to adjust to royal life because she had to do and go as she was instructed.

Meghan's certainty makes Harry feel comfortable, according to the staff source.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Stepped Back As Senior Members Of The Royal Family In January 2020.

They Moved To California During The Same Year.