During a Commonwealth memorial event, Kate Middleton wears an unique Princess of Wales brooch.

The brooch can only be worn by members of the royal family with the title, which Kate received in September 2022.

This stunning piece of jewelry dates back to 1863 and was a gift to Princess Alexandra of Denmark on her wedding day.

The brooch features the coat of arms of Wales and is adorned with 18 diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.

It remains one of the most luxurious items in the British monarchy's jewelry box.

Lady Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles have also worn the Prince of Wales brooch.

The brooch is a classic piece worn by all the princesses of Wales.

Kate Middleton previously wore the brooch during a state trip of the president of South Africa a few months ago.

The Prince of Wales brooch is a significant symbol of Welsh heritage and a treasured piece of the royal family's history.