Meghan Markle was fascinated by Kate Middleton and Prince William's home.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were invited for a tea party at the Waleses' abode in 2018 as an initiative for a bonding activity.

As they entered the house, Meghan's eyes widened as she saw the beauty of the interiors.

Meghan praised the Waleses' crown moulding, wallpaper, walnut bookshelves, color-coordinated volumes, and priceless art.

Harry also admired the renovation of the Waleses' house.

However, he thought of their own home, which had IKEA lamps and a discount sofa recently bought with Meghan's credit card.

They complimented the Waleses on their home renovation.

Meghan described the Waleses' home as gorgeous, like a museum.

This tea party was a bonding experience for the two couples.