In 2007, Kate Middleton and Prince William faced a major relationship hurdle.

Kate was enraged after viewing photos of William dancing on a pedestal and attracting the attention of other women.

The photos surfaced shortly after reports of William embracing a mystery woman on a boys' night out in London.

Kate confronted William about his behavior, telling him that it was affecting her image as well as his own.

Kate had considered girls flirting with William funny and flattering, but she no longer tolerated his casual conduct.

Kate gave William an ultimatum and made it clear that she was not willing to be treated like a doormat.

A family friend said Kate had previously laughed off reports but snapped recently.

William's flirting in Bournemouth and the blonde he danced with at Boujis upset Kate.

Despite these challenges, Kate and William ultimately reconciled and got married in 2011.