Khloe Kardashian always says bad things about her former employees.

The co-founder of Good American has been sued TWICE in ONE MONTH!

She is being sued by a former assistant and by a former general assistant.

According to papers obtained by The Blast, Matthew Manhard is suing Khloe.

Ex-assistant Manhard is suing for several things. Khloe and "KhloMoney" are being sued.

The former KK employee claimed KhloMoney hired him as a "domestic assistant to Kardashian (Khloe)" on January 28, 2019.

He claims Khloe had direct control over his pay, hours, and/or working conditions.

Manhard alleges that KhloMoney's payroll practises were designed to dodge California's overtime and double-time pay rate.

KhloMoney had an unfair advantage over competitors since it made money illegally.