King Charles's coronation will feature Camilla's young grandchildren and Prince George as heir.

Camilla's five grandchildren will hold the canopy over her as she is anointed with holy oil on May 6.

The role of holding the canopy has previously been performed by duchesses.

The King and Queen Consort wish to involve their grandkids to show their closeness and their blended family.

Prince George, as the future monarch, is expected to have an official role in the coronation.

William and Kate want George to work in an official role if he's not overly inspected.

During the coronation, the focus will be on King Charles and his sons, Princes William and George, who will take over after him.

Camilla's popularity has soared in recent years, and she's now known as one of the hardest working royals.

Following Queen Elizabeth and Queen Alexandra, Camilla may become Queen without the "Consort" title.