King Charles III is a devoted grandpa to his five grandchildren and his wife's four grandchildren.

Charles was distant with his first grandchild, Prince George, when he was born in 2013.

Charles was more confident and hands-on with Charlotte and Louis because he was more used to his role by then.

In images, Charles held George like an unexploded bomb, showing he was constrained with touch and affection.

Charles seems to treat George differently than his siblings and cousins because of his position in line to the throne.

James believes that Charles and George have a special relationship that will grow over time.

Charles is grandfather to Prince William's three children and Prince Harry's two children.

He is likely to also spend time with Camilla's grandchildren, Eliza, Gus, and Louis Lopes, and Lola Parker Bowles.

Charles and George share a mutual interest in the environment and gardening, which could strengthen their bond.