The death of the late Queen has led to questions about the role of the British Royal Family in foreign and Commonwealth nations.

King Charles is currently the head of state in 15 different realms, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Jamaica.

The King's visage will not appear on Australian banknotes, raising worries over whether he will be the last British sovereign to rule foreign states.

According to Binghamton University professor Andrew Walkling, British monarchs controlling foreign nations will soon be extinct.

Australia and certain Caribbean nations want to abolish the monarchy.

If these countries decide to become republics, it will show that they are "thinking about a new future for themselves."

Prince Charles attended the ceremony that saw Barbados become independent after nearly 400 years and install Dame Sandra Mason as its first president.

The legacy of colonialism must be left behind, and having Charles III as King of Papua New Guinea is an odd idea.

The British monarch is an important part of national pride and the national psyche, but for Canadians, Australians, Jamaicans, and others, this is less true.