Lord Ivar Mountbatten, King Charles III's second cousin, plans to charge £60 to walk dogs on his estate, which has angered neighbours.

Lord Ivar cites the rising cost of living and operational costs as reasons for implementing the charge.

He stated in the local parish magazine that he wants to continue to offer access to the Orangery and Parkland.

Locals are unhappy with the decision, feeling it is exploitative and unfair to a captive audience.

One dog walker expressed concern that people will not be willing to pay the fee.

As COVID-19 hit their wedding business, Lord Ivar and his partner opened Bridwell Park to the public to supplement their household income.

They also opened a restaurant, the Orangery cafe, which has helped them financially.

Lord Ivar is related to both the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

He became the first member of the extended Royal Family to have a gay wedding.