Meghan Markle's "girl crush" was British actress Liz Hurley, who starred in the TV series 'The Royals'.

Prior to meeting Prince Harry, Meghan claimed to have known very little about the Royal Family.

Meghan took an interest in 'The Royals', a show that depicts a fictional British royal family.

Liz Hurley plays a Queen Consort-type character called Queen Helena in the show.

Meghan expressed admiration for Liz Hurley in a 2015 blog post.

Meghan conducted a mini-interview with Liz Hurley ahead of the royal drama but did not state whether she watched the show.

Meghan said she first learned about the Royal Family's importance after dating Prince Harry, despite the facts.

The Netflix docuseries "Harry and Meghan" premiered in December 2022. Meghan stated she didn't know much about the Royal Family before Harry.

Meghan shut down her blog 'The Tig' in April 2017, just months before getting engaged to Harry.