Princess Diana's shoulder pads-and-all clothes were perfect 1980s and 1990s fashion! Kate Middleton wears modern ones that resemble Diana's.

On February 9, 2009, Middleton arrived at the National Maritime Museum of Cornwall wearing a Hobbs London Celeste coat in Chestnut brown.

Kate Middleton wore a polka-dotted dress on Day Nine of the 2022 Wimbledon tennis championships, and we couldn't help but notice Princess Diana's similar design.

Kate Middleton nearly matched Princess Diana's royal blue suit look from 1992.

Princess Diana's 1983 baby blue Catherine Walker suit and John Boyd hat were instantly praised by fans, who saw the striking resemblance to Kate Middleton's 2019 Royal Ascot costume.

Princess Diana dazzled in a Jan van Velden gown in February 1984. In 2020, Kate Middleton wore similar cherry-colored Needle & Thread  Aurora dress

In 1981, Diana wore a shocking black ballgown to London's Goldsmith's Hall, and Kate Middleton did the same thing almost 30 years later.

Princess Diana made headlines in June 1990 wearing this provocative, Barbiecore-style skirt suit. Kate Middleton did the same in 2015 with her hot pink Mulberry coat.

Diana and Kate seem like twins in their Remembrance Day outfits, from the wide-brimmed hat to the black trench coats.