Prince George may have an official role in his grandfather's coronation ceremony on May 6.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are considering including their nine-year-old son in the event.

The Queen's five teenage grandchildren are expected to have official duties at the ceremony.

It is unclear what roles the teenage grandchildren will have, but it suggests a strong bond with King Charles.

Palace sources refuted the Sunday Times allegation that the Queen intended her five grandchildren to hold the canopy over her during the ceremony.

Discussions about a potential role for the Queen's grandchildren and not the King's would be "wholly improper."

It is expected that only Prince George will have a role, given his future as a king.

Prince William and Catherine are still deciding what's best for their son given the public attention.

Prince George's siblings are likely to attend as spectators, but the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's children will not travel to London for the event.