William and Kate celebrated St. Patrick's Day with the Irish Guards, raising a glass of Guinness each.

Kate, who recently became the regiment's Colonel, took her first salute on the parade ground in Aldershot, Hants.

William praised the Guards and told them that serving as their Colonel had been "one of the great honors of my life".

Kate hailed the Guards' inspiring work and their "boundless, irreverent, glorious sense of humor".

Kate was given posies by the daughters of Warrant Office Second Class Alistair Wigley.

William sipped from a pint of Guinness while Kate held a half-pint in the noisy Junior Ranks dining hall.

William went round tables to say his farewells after 13 years and said he was going to miss their noise and humor.

The visit came a week after Kate wore camouflage gear to join the Irish Guards on a snowy Salisbury Plain.

Kate promised to support and champion the Guards in all they do, a responsibility she does not take lightly.