Ailsa Anderson, a former Palace employee, says Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip appreciated engagements that went awry.

According to Anderson, the royals are used to people striving for perfection, so when things go wrong, they revel in it.

A prior engagement left the Queen and Prince Philip trapped in a Canadian lake until a replacement boat arrived.

The old couple didn't seem to be bothered by what happened. In fact, the Queen said, "That was interesting."

Prince William & Kate Middleton are Prince and Princess of Wales and will become King and Queen Consort.

Kate already has what it takes to be Queen, according to experts, but may need to drop one habit.

Prince William and Prince Harry have mentioned how amusing and cheerful their grandparents were when things went wrong.

Anderson believes the Queen found something amusing, hilarious, or entertaining everywhere she went throughout her 70-year reign.

The Windsors find it amusing when Royal Family meetings go awry.