Royal expert Darren Stanton praised Kate Middleton for successfully communicating her vision for the early childhood initiative.

He noted that she exudes confidence and appears self-assured.

Stanton noticed that Kate is careful about the colors she wears and chooses them to fit the mood of the event she is going to.

He also said that Kate strategically wears muted colors when she wants to blend in with her peers and be seen as their equal.

According to Stanton, Kate doesn’t shy away from pushing the envelope and is playful when in the company of others, generating laughter.

He noted that Kate was mimicking others in the room, showing her mischievous side.

The expert also noted that Kate usually wears white whenever she is attending a solemn service, charity event, or hospital event.

Stanton said that Kate's confidence and playful nature make her a strong representative for the royal family.

She shows young women and mothers that they can juggle a career, family, and philanthropy, he said.