On March 9, Royal Mail will release 12 stamps honoring the Flying Scotsman's 100th anniversary.

Queen Elizabeth II's silhouette, which has been used on British special stamps since 1968, is on the stamps.

This is the final stamp featuring Queen Elizabeth II. All stamps will now feature a silhouette of King Charles III.

The stamps showcase the Flying Scotsman from poster artwork of the 1920s and 1930s and locations across the UK.

The Flying Scotsman is a national treasure in terms of engineering and design. It also represents the golden age of steam travel.

New stamps featuring images of King Charles III were revealed earlier this month, and they will go on sale on April 4th.

King Charles III's stamps include Martin Jennings' profile sculpture for the Royal Mint's new coins and omit the crown, a "humbling" move.

Regarding the Queen's stamps, the King made it clear that nothing should be torn up, thrown away, or turned into pulp.

Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria's stamps featured a diamond crown manufactured for King George IV's 1821 coronation.