Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Never Laugh At Anything.

A Recent Episode Of "South Park" Was Called "The Worldwide Privacy Tour" And Was About The Couple.

Caricatures Of Meghan And Harry Protesting And Yelling, "We Want Privacy!" Are Shown In The Episode.

This is a dig at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for renouncing their royal titles and moving to the US.

They Wanted A More Private Life, But The Couple Hasn't Lived Anything Like That.

"Harry & Meghan," a Netflix documentary, debuted last year. Prince Harry's Memoir, "Spare," Released. He Revealed His Royal Childhood and Crazy Family.

According to reports, the former "Suits" actress is furious about the "Sp" episode.

According to Spectator, Meghan is "Upset And Overwhelmed" by the episode and "Annoyed By'south Park,' But She Won't Watch It All."

One Royal Observer believes M and H may sue over the incident.