A video of Kate Middleton and Prince William's reassuring moment during their Caribbean tour went viral on social media.

The couple has been displaying public affection in recent months, including a butt tap and a "look of love."

The clip, which shows Kate asking William if he's okay, has received almost 1 million views on TikTok.

Social media users have praised the couple's closeness and described them as a strong team.

The couple faced protests during their tour, calling for the monarchy to atone for its role in the slave trade.

They also faced criticism for public relations misjudgments, including a handshake behind a chain-link fence.

William acknowledged the criticism at the end of the tour and emphasized his commitment to service.

Despite the obstacles, the couple enjoyed hand-holding and dancing during a traditional event.

Royal fans have been eager to highlight the couple's affectionate moments on the tour.