British media confirms that Prince William and Kate Middleton's official divorce date is set for May, amid rumors of an affair.

The split is upsetting Buckingham Palace and may overshadow King Charles III's coronation.

Kate Middleton has reportedly left Buckingham Palace and moved to a small house with her children to avoid Prince William.

Prince William acted shady with British aristocrat Rose Hanbury in 2019.

Rose Hanbury divorced her husband in 2019, the same year the affair with Prince William was first rumored.

Prince William and Rose Hanbury were seen together in 2019 and reportedly celebrated Valentine's Day together in 2023.

Kate Middleton asked Prince William to cut Rose Hanbury out of his group of friends.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are only photographed together when performing their regal duties.

The royal family has been involved in multiple scandals in the past year, including Prince Harry's estrangement.