Biographers may write about Kate's middling high school hockey career, her boathand work, and her charity roller disco.

Kate's parenting skills are considered excellent compared to past Windsors, raising hopes for a better childhood for the next sovereign.

Biographer Tom Quinn's new book Gilded Youth offers a view that Kate's parenting is not as flawless as it seems.

Quinn writes that the Wales family's life is less middle-class and more aristocratic than portrayed by Kensington Palace.

According to a former royal staffer, Kate and William hire paid staff for most child-rearing tasks.

William's childhood nanny Jessie Webb and Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo were rehired after the couple became too exhausted to do everything alone.

The book reveals that Kate's womb is the reason she is on the fast track to Queendom.

Kate's reproduction ability was checked before marriage to ensure a future queen could have children.

William and Kate have four nurseries for three children in their vast home and Norfolk estate.