Here Are Some Precious Unseen Pics From The Past Which shed light on Princess Diana & Charles' Relation

Princess Diana holds 3-month-old Prince William outside Balmoral Castle while Lord John King of Wartnaby watches over her.

In This Pic Diana posing in front of some hills during her trip to Scotland in September 1981

Lord John King of Wartnaby watches her from behind.

As Prince William looks around at the crowd, Princess Diana smiles at him.

Princess Diana and Lord King pose for a photograph.

In September 1981, King Charles, the Queen, and Lord King posed for a photo in the courtyard.

The late monarch leans against a box that may have contained their barbecue equipment as the Queen, King Charles, and Lord King wait by their cars.

In Balmoral, King Charles beams as he poses for photos with three-month-old Prince William.

On another trip, Diana is seen looking thoughtful as the group stops to rest on a walk by a lake.

Most of the pictures show Diana wearing a long brown cardigan, white polo neck, tweed knickerbockers, and brogues.