For the first time since 1937, a King and Queen Consort will be crowned together in May.

The coronation ceremony will be a mix of tradition and modernity.

Fashion has always been an important aspect of coronation events for the Royal Family.

Traditional royal robes have been used since King George II's ceremony in 1727.

The King and Queen Consort usually wear robes during the coronation, but it's uncertain if King Charles or Camilla will wear one.

The ceremonial ring will be placed on the fourth finger of both the monarch and Queen Consort.

Camilla will wear Queen Mary's coronation crown, which will be updated with additional jewels honouring Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Consorts are passed ceremonial objects during the coronation ceremony.

Camilla could get the Sceptre with the Cross, the Sceptre with the Dove, and Queen Mary II's Orb, all of which have special meanings.