Prince William & Kate Middleton praised The Sun's fundraising despite Prince Harry's phone-hacking case.

The Sun raised $1.8 million for its Earthquake Appeal, which donated proceeds to the British Red Cross.

William and Kate thanked aid organizers and volunteers at the Hayes Muslim Centre near London.

Prince Harry sued News Group Newspapers, proprietors of The Sun and News of the World, for phone-hacking.

Harry and Meghan have criticized the press and filed their own lawsuits against The Mail on Sunday.

News Group Newspapers admitted that Clive Goodman retrieved Harry's messages, slowing the case.

The News of the World ceased publication in 2011 following lawsuits from high-profile figures over phone-hacking.

The Sun is denying that they ever practiced phone-hacking and has not admitted to any unlawful conduct.

Harry's personal relationships suffered from the intrusion into his life caused by the actions of NGN titles.