What Are The Different Kinds Of Sushi, And What Do They Taste Like?

If You’re New To The World Of Sushi, You Might Be Curious About What The Different Kinds Are And How They Taste.

There Are Many Different Kinds Of Sushi, Like Uramaki, Inarizushi, Hosomaki, And Sake-Zushi. Even Though They Look Different, All Of These Sushi Are Delicious And Good For You.


There Are Many Kinds Of Sushi With Many Different Tastes. Before You Order, You Should Know What Each Type Is. If You’re Not Sure What You’re Ordering, Ask Your Waiter To Explain It. They Should Be Happy To Answer Your Polite Questions.

Nigiri Is A Well-Known Type Of Sushi. It Is Made Of A Bed Of Hand-Pressed Rice And Raw Fish. Most Of The Time, The Fish Is Served With Wasabi, Pickled Ginger, Or Something Else. This Kind Of Sushi Is Served On A Japanese Tray Called A Gunkan.


Uni Is One Of The Most Well-Known Kinds Of Nigiri. It Is Made With The Gonads Of Sea Urchins And Tastes A Lot Like Butter. If You’ve Never Had Sushi Before, You Should Try Nigiri.

Saba Type Of Nigiri

The Saba Type Of Nigiri Is Also Very Popular. On Top Of The Rice Is A Piece Of Salmon. Even Though Saba Is Not A Dessert, It Is A Delicious Choice For People Who Want Something Sweet.

Octopus Nigiri And Shako Nigiri

There Are Also Octopus Nigiri And Shako Nigiri. Most Of The Time, An Octopus Is A Big One, But You Can Also Get It In Smaller Pieces. Shako Is A Nice-Looking Fish. It Is Available In Late Spring And The Summer, But Only For A Short Time.


Chirashizushi Is A Type Of Nigiri That Is One Of The More Modern Ones. It’s Like Sashimi, But It’s Taken Apart. Instead Of The Usual Sushi Roll, It Is A Bed Of Vinegared Rice With Different Toppings On Top.


One Of The Most Popular Kinds Of Sushi Is Uramaki Sushi. The Outside Of These Sushi Rolls Is Made Of Rice, And The Inside Is Made Of Nori. Most Of The Time, Avocado And Cucumber Are Used To Fill This Kind Of Sushi. But They Can Be Filled With A Lot Of Different Things.

Whether You Like Sushi Or Not, It’s A Good Idea To Learn As Much As You Can About It. There Are Many Kinds Of Sushi To Choose From, But When Picking A Roll, You Should Know What To Look For.

The Uramaki Is One Of The Most Common Types Of Sushi In The United States. Most Of The Time, Crab, Vegetables, Or Other Things Are Used To Fill This Type Of Sushi Roll. Sesame Seeds Can Also Be Used To Roll It.

Uramaki Sushi Was Made In The United States. Most People Believe It Came From California. But It’s Not Clear Where This Sushi Roll Came From.

An American Sushi Chef Came Up With It At First. He Wanted To Attract American Customers And Thought That Putting Uramaki Inside Sushi Rolls Would Be A Great Way To Do It.

Uramaki Sushi Is One Of The Most Difficult Kinds Of Rolls To Make. When Making This Sushi Roll, You’ll Have To Be Careful. Not Only Do You Have To Dip It In Soy Sauce Before Eating It, But You Also Have To Watch Out For Its Size And Shape.


Hosomaki Sushi Is Made From A Thin Roll That Is Shaped Like A Cylinder And Has Only One Ingredient Inside. You Can Use Chopsticks Or Your Hands To Eat It.

Hosomaki Can Be A Small Snack Or An Entire Meal. In Japan, People Like This Kind Of Sushi.

Vinegar Is Used To Season The Rice. The Base Of Sushi Rice Is Sticky, So It’s Best To Wet Your Fingers Before Making It. Also, Putting Vinegar In The Rice Is A Good Way To Lower Blood Sugar And Blood Pressure.

Most Of The Time, Sushi Is Filled With Raw Fish Or Vegetables. You Could Also Use A Paste, Though. When Picking Out Ingredients, Make Sure To Slice Them Thinly.

A Bamboo Mat Is Needed To Make A Sushi Roll. You Can Get These Easily At Japanese Grocery Stores. Hold The Mat With Your Right Hand And A Small Part Of Your Left Hand. After You’ve Rolled Your Maki, You Can Cut It Into Pieces Or Press It Into A Shape.

You Should Dip Your Maki In Wasabi As You Eat It To Make The Taste More Interesting. You Can Also Dip Your Maki In Soy Sauce To Give It A Salty Taste.

You Could Also Make Your Filling Out Of Cucumber. If You Decide To Do This, Make Sure To Cut Your Cucumber Into Strips About The Length Of Your Nori Sheet. If You Don’t Use Enough Cucumber, Your Roll Might Be Thinner Than Expected.


Sushi Is A Japanese Dish Made From Raw Or Cooked Seafood Or Vegetables. Most Of The Time, It Is Served In A Roll. The Fillings Range From Meat To Vegetables, And The Ingredients Vary. Bara-Zushi, Maki-Zushi, And Nigiri-Zushi Are The Three Kinds Of Sushi. Every One Of Them Has Its Own Style And Taste.

The Chef Must Take A Number Of Courses To Learn How To Make Sushi. First Of All, They Need To Know How To Cook Rice.

Second, They Must Know How To Make Kombu And Rice Vinegar, Which Are Traditional Japanese Ingredients. Lastly, They Need To Know How To Make Different Fillings.

Nigiri-Zushi Is A Type Of Sushi That Is Often Eaten. This Is The Japanese Version Of Hand-Shaped Sushi From The West. Usually, It Has Shrimp, Octopus, Or Bamboo Shoots On Top.

Gunkan Maki Is Another Kind Of Nigiri Sushi. Gunkan Maki Is A Special Kind Of Nigiri Sushi. It Is An Oval Ball Of Sushi Rice That Has Been Wrapped In Nori All Around Its Edge.

Battleship Roll Sushi Is Another Name For Nigiri-Zushi. On Days Of Hare And Ke, It Is Often Eaten. But It’s Also Well-Known Outside Of Japan.

Another Popular Type Of Sushi Is Chirashi-Zushi, Which Is Usually Made At Home. This Sushi Is Made By Mixing Rice That Has Been Soaked In Vinegar With Raw Ingredients. Sea Bream, Shrimp, And Octopus Are Some Of The Raw Foods That Are Used.

Nigiri-Sushi Was First Made During The Edo Period And Has Changed Since Then. Now, It’s A Popular Type Of Sushi That You Can Find In Many Places Outside Of Japan.


Inarizushi Is A Japanese Dish Made With Two Main Things. Cooking Aburaage And Sushi Rice Makes It. The Pouches Of Fried Tofu Are Filled With Rice. This Food Is Very Popular In Japan, And You Can Find It In Many Restaurants There.

Inarizushi Is A Traditional Japanese Snack That Was Once Made To Give To The God Inari At Festivals. Even Though It’s More Modern And Pretty Now, It’s Still Very Tasty.

Inarizushi Is Made With Fried Tofu, Sushi Rice, And Aburaage That Has Been Seasoned. You Can Buy Fried Tofu At The Grocery Store Or Make It At Home.

You Can Buy Aburaage Pouches At The Store. You Can Find Them In The Fridge Section Of Your Local Supermarket.

They Come In Bags That Are Sealed With Air. Just Put Sushi Rice, Spices, And Other Fillings In Them. You Can Warm These Pouches In A Microwave Or At Room Temperature.

You Can Eat Inarizushi On Its Own Or With A Variety Of Sauces. Different Kinds Of Inarizushi Are Made With Different Kinds Of Fish And Other Foods.

Some Kinds Have Shiitake Mushrooms Or Vegetables That Have Been Cooked Down, While Others Have Roasted Sesame Seeds.

One Of The Most Common Fillings For Inarizushi Is Sushi Rice That Has Been Pickled. There Are Also Shiitake Mushrooms, Carrots, And Hijiki Seaweed As Other Ingredients. The Rice Can Also Be Topped With Boiled Sesame Seeds, Sashimi, And Green Onion, Among Other Things.

Most Of The Time, Inarizushi Is Served As A Small Snack At Parties. Depending On Where In Japan You Are, It Can Look And Taste Different.

Roll The California

One Of The Most Popular Kinds Of Sushi Is The California Roll. A California Roll Is Just Rolled Sushi With Fake Crab Meat Inside. At First, There Were Only A Few Ingredients. Today, It Can Be Filled With Many Different Things, Like Avocado.

It Is Thought That A Sushi Chef Who Was Born In Japan Made The First California Roll In The Late 1970s. The Person Who Made It Says That He Named It After People Who Stayed With Him In Southern California.

It’s A Pretty Typical Rolled Sushi That You Can Eat With Soy Sauce Or Wasabi. Even Though This Kind Of Sushi Has Been Around For Hundreds Of Years, It Didn’t Become Popular Outside Of Japan Until The 20th Century.

Several Chefs Say That They Came Up With The California Roll. Hidekazu Tojo, Who Ran A Sushi Restaurant In Vancouver, Canada, Is One Of Them. Ichiro Mashita, Who Worked At The Tokyo Kaikan In Little Tokyo, Is Another.

The Spicy California Roll Is One Of The Most Popular Kinds. Kewpie Mayo, Sriracha, And Chilli Pepper Powder Are Mixed Together To Make This.

The Best Way To Start A Sushi Meal Is With A California Roll. There Are Many Different Kinds Of The Classic, But The Spicy And Crunchy Ones Are The Most Popular.

You Can Make A California Roll With Just Rice And Water, Or You Can Use Fake Crab And Cucumber Instead. Choose Good Sushi Rice If You Want The Best Results.

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